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Joint Bank Account

All you need to know about a joint bank account

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Benefits of opening a joint Bank Account

A joint bank account is the same as having a sole account, except both parties have control over the account, including any arranged overdraft (subject to approval). You can open a joint account on any of our current accounts (excluding student, graduate and adapt accounts) and you do not have to be a sole account holder to have a joint bank account.

If you need to make payments that come from both parties, such as household bills, a joint bank account could be ideal. Discuss how much each of you pays into the joint account per month then you can set up a standing order for the money to automatically go into the account or simply pay in when it is convenient for you.

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Things to consider

When opening a joint bank account, make sure that you trust who you are opening an account with, as the bank holds both parties liable for any matters, such as overspending and debt and any subsequent repayments.

Ensure you have discussed finances with each other as you will both be credit scored and once you have a joint account, you will be co-scored. Co-scoring takes into account both parties' credit scores and can affect any future applications for credit you both make.


Icon expand How do I open a joint bank account?

You can apply online for one of our accounts. When prompted, just choose 'joint account.'

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Icon expand What identification or documents will I need?

Opening a new current account with us is easy.

If you're applying online, try and have a UK Passport or Driving licence to hand along with a working credit or debit card. When opening a joint account, we will need this information from both of you.

If you don't have these, don't worry. You can still apply online and we will ask you to provide other forms of ID and proof of address that we can accept.

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Don't know which bank account is for you?

You can use our account comparison table to see the features, benefits and costs of our current accounts.

Or use our current account finder tool to find an account that fits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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