Request a redemption statement

Need to request a final settlement figure for your mortgage?

If you want to pay your mortgage off in full, or if you're in the process of re-mortgaging to another provider, then you'll need a redemption statement.

This will typically contain your current mortgage balance, outstanding interest, daily rate of interest, and any redemption or closure fees (if applicable). 

Once you request the statement we will:


 Issue the statement within 2 working days of your request


 Post the statement to the correspondence address held for you on file (please allow up to 4 working days for your statement to arrive)


Please note your redemption statement is only valid for 4 weeks from the issue date.

I have a NatWest mortgage

If you're re-mortgaging or you wish to pay off your mortgage in full, you can do so using this form.

Order a redemption statement

I'm a solicitor acting on behalf of a NatWest client

If you're a solicitor looking to request a redemption statement on behalf of a NatWest client then please use this form instead.

Request a redemption statement

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